Core values

The basic values that Viet Vuong Telecom Company has built up since its inception are Consensus, Balance, Commitment, Respect, and Innovation. In order to inspire the company's leaders and employees to work persistently and creatively for the benefit of consumers while also guiding the business to success, this serves as the company's guiding principle, foundation, spirit, and source of power.

Viet Vuong Telecom aims at consensus: democracy is the foundation for a professional working environment, and harmony between individual interests and collective interests shall create the strength of collective solidarity.  We understand that collective strength is the power that no individual can overcome, especially when it’s at the highest consensus.

Viet Vuong Telecom focuses on balance: all members are aware that working time in company accounts for a large proportion in daily life. Therefore, we always wish and focus on ensuring the balance between work and personal life. Moreover, building a working environment as a family is an effective method of keeping balance. In our family company, people treat each other harmoniously, share, cooperate and coordinate to work out the tasks; participate in extracurricular activities, skills development programs together; and also create a harmonious and effective working atmosphere together.

Viet Vuong Telecom always innovates: survival is the instinct of all things, and innovating to adapt in a continously changing environment is the only survival method. We always enhance our self-study abilities through practical works and previous experiences, self-improve, and are willing to change actively to create better value. Therefore, Viet Vuong people always alert of effortlessness thinking and are not self-satisfied with success to improve their own capabilities towards higher career goals.

Viet Vuong Telecom shows respect: each organization has a certain standard system. Compliance with laws, company regulations, work procedures and culture of working with customers, partners and colleagues are indispensable principles of the enterprise. Respect for working principles, respect for colleagues, and respect between leaders and employees will create a culture of external behaviors. Each individual’s respect for the company where he/she is working is the best communication power of the enterprise to preserve and enhance the image.

Viet Vuong Telecom would commit: We understand that bringing value to our customers - Viet Vuong - our partners - is the most important factor to achieve the cooperation, working together to create the values of sustainable cooperation and achieve long-term goals and interests. Therefore, we commit to select high quality products and solutions, bringing benefits to customers along with professional working methods and customer services. We commit to bring the spirit of goodwill and long-term cooperation to the partners. The commitments from inside of the company, from leaders to employees, from employees to team ares means to carry out that spirit. Each individual commits to perform and create his or her own values, which join together to create a common value and enjoy the result commensurate with the value.