Viet Vuong Telecom has become distributor of Commscope in Vietnam and South East Asia since 2010. Founded in 1976, CommScope has a history that reaches back decades earlier by virtue of its origin as a product line within Superior Cable Corporation and the transformational acquisitions of Avaya's Connectivity Solutions (SYSTIMAX®) and Andrew Corporation. Over time, the company has evolved from its founding as a cable manufacturer to become a global, diversified provider of broadband, enterprise and wireless infrastructure solutions. CommScope helps companies around the world design, build and manage their wired and wireless networks. Their network infrastructure solutions help customers increase bandwidth; maximize existing capacity; improve network performance and availability; increase energy efficiency; and simplify technology migration.
You will find their solutions in the largest buildings, venues and outdoor spaces; in data centers and buildings of all shapes, sizes and complexity; at wireless cell sites; in cable headends and telco central offices; and in airports, trains, and tunnels. Vital networks around the world run on CommScope solutions. Customers of Commcope are big operators in 100 countries and vendors such as AT&T, Verizone, China Unicom, Huawei, etc.
The main products which Commscope offers for wireless: